Courgette and spinach omelette

Courgette and spinach omelette


500 gr. Spinach. 3 courgettes. 4 pieces of garlic. 4 eggs. 7 spoons of olive oil. 5 slices toasted bread. Salt to taste.


Boil the spinaches. In a wide frying pan toast the sliced garlic in oil. Meanwhile peel the courgettes and cut in slices or quarters. Drain the spinach carefully, pressing it to eliminate as much water as possible. Add it to the pan and fry it for a moment, then add the courgettes. Add salt and continue frying with care to avoid breaking the courgettes. Break the eggs and add them whipping carefully, turn off the heat and continue beating. Serve on top of toasted bread. We recommend preparing the courgettes first and reserving them, and fry the spinach in the same oil together with the garlic, and then add the eggs.

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