Orchard salad

Orchard salad

100 gr. Extra thin cucumbers. A small handful of capers.300 gr. Tomato. 2 red peppers. 300 gr. Extra thin green beans. 350 gr. Green asparagus. 4 head lettuce. 1 lemon. Salt. Chopped parsley. 3 cl. Olive oil. 1 cl. Sherry vinegar.


Cook the beans and the asparagus, and preheat the oven. Put a little water into an oven-resistant recipient, add the peppers and on top of these a little salt and a dash of oil. Cook in oven for 20 minutes, turn the peppers around and cook for another 15 minutes. Do not remove the peppers from the oven immediately it has been shut off, but let them “sweat” a little and they are easier to peal. While preparing the peppers, cut the cucumbers and the tomatoes in small squares. Prepare the vinaigrette mixing lemon juice, olive oil salt, pepper , a little vinegar and chopped parsley. Wash and cut in halves the lettuce and peel the peppers and the and slice them. Serve on a plate with the lettuce and tomatoes covered by the cucumbers and the capers and on top the beans, the peppers and the asparagus. Add the vinaigrette.

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